Monday August 22, 2005 - 7:15p -- SBC Park

Final Score:
SF 5 PHI 0
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Well, the game was weak, but we had a fun time. Here are a couple pics: 1 from the bar (pre game) and one in the seats:

Hopefully the Fightin' Phils will keep it interesting down the stretch..

Keep track of where they are in the Standings.

Bobby lit it up at the all-star game, so looks like we picked the right player to rally behind. Tickets for the game are $10.

THE ABREU CREW group outing is dedicated to our good friend Charles Minor. We love you Charles and we know you'll be fit as a fiddle for the game. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Charles will likely be the loudest person at SBC Park on August 22nd.

Abreu Crew Attendees

Here is the list of people who are going to the game. Please look for your name below and let me know if the info isn't correct. As of now, a full 30 people have confirmed which means there are no tickets left. It's possible that a few tickets may free up closer to the game. If you want to go, just buy a ticket from the Giants website and come sit close to us.

Name Total Tix T-Shirt Size Comments
jg 2 XL, Tank(M) If no tank tops, H will take a small Tee
Matty 1    
Fred 1 L  
Raffi 1 L  
Dave Freemann 2 XL, L  
Mae 1 Tank (M) If no tank tops, Mae will take a small Tee
Kate 1 M  
Loftus 1 XL  
Greg 1    
Brandon 2 L, M  
Jay Deitrich 2 L, M  
Dan Karp 1 M  
Andy Ewald 2 L  
Bryan 3 L, L Bryan + 1 + Patrick K.
Allie 1 M  
Mary Beth 1 S  
Chris Pitkin 1    
John Wong 1 n/a  
Charles 2 L Beth is allowed to wear Giants gear :)
Cyril 1    
Laura Hess 1    
Rob Moellering 1 n/a  



Matty is getting some "Abreu Crew" T-shirts made up. Shirts will be no more than $20 and will be arriving in plenty of time for the game. The shirt is based on this design (artwork: Brian Crossen):

Group Name / Group Message

We get 25 characters for our "Group Message". It will be shown on the scoreboard at the end of the 3rd inning:


Ticket distribution, meeting, etc.

We will have a short, pre-Abreu Crew party on Saturday 8/20 at 5:30pm at Finnegan's Wake in Cole Valley. Come by for a drink before your Saturday night kicks off. Pick up your ticket and your shirt. Evite link here.

On gameday (Mon 8/22), we'll meet at 5:30p at the 21st Amendment (563 2nd St. between Bryant and Brannan) so that folks who couldn't make it on Saturday can pick up their tickets. We'll load up on Rally Islands and head over to the park at 6:45.

Misc Info, Q&A, etc.

Q: How much are tickets?
A: $10

Q: Are there any tickets left?
No. All tickets are gone as of 7/19/05 - 11:50a PT

How much are T-Shirts
We're not exactly sure yet, but they should be under $20.

Q: Where are we sitting?
A: Section 302, Rows 5, 6, and 7

Q: Where the eff is Section 302?
A: Upper deck, last section down the first base line in right field. We're farther out compared to last year, but at least we're not as high up. The picture below shows the view from seciton 302. Also, here's a link to the seating chart.

View from section 302

Q: How do I get my ticket and my shirt?
A: Come to the Finnegan's Wake gathering on Saturday 8/20 (see above)

Q: Are we getting together before the game?
A: Yes. 21st Amendment (see above)

Q: Where's the link to last year's page?
A: Here

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