General Info about John and Heather Greene

Our first official date was on 2/14/99 in Northampton, MA. We have been living together in San Francisco since Summer of '99. On 2/15/03 we got engaged at a Phish concert in Las Vegas and on 2/14/2005, six years after our first date, we got married in Olema, CA.

We used to live right next to Tank Hill (story | pic), but in 2003, we moved to a slightly bigger apartment just up the hill from the Castro, sometimes referred to as Upper Market.

John just took a new job at heading up R&D Production Support.

The biggest news of all is FLOYD -- born 2/19/08!

The little red circle on this map of San Francisco shows approximately where we are located:

Want our snailmail address? just ask.

Want to see a cooler map of the City? Check out the San Francisco Bike Coalition's Walking and Biking .pdf map.

We're probably going to move to Alemeda in January 2010. Once we get settled, we'll update this page.

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Last update: October 2009

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