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Orion is here, but he's just a little baby, so I'll keep putting up the pics. Bookmark this page and visit it often. Newest pics are now on top! Each batch has a link to a flickr photo set and a slideshow. Love, Floyd.

  • 5/15/10: Another spring set of Floyd, Orion, and friends. photo set | slideshow
  • 4/11/10: Orion Harrison Greene is here!(photo set | slideshow)
  • 3/18/10: Spring is here and my baby brother is due any day now!(photo set | slideshow)
  • 2/11/10: Winter 2009-2010 pics are here. Woooo! (photo set | slideshow)
  • 11/1/09: Pics from Halloween, late summer, and fall '09. (photo set | slideshow)
  • 6/26/09: Pics from our trip to Massachusetts are finally up! (photo set | slideshow)
  • 6/26/09: Pics of my friends and me from May 2009 - includes Davis' bday party! (photo set | slideshow)
  • 5/4/2009: Yosemite camping trip (April '09) (photo set | slideshow)
  • 5/4/2009: I'm 12 to 14 months old. A few dozen recent pics (photo set | slideshow)
  • 1/28/2009: Lots of pics with friends: New Years, Baker Beach, Veddy Good Sooshee, Swim Class, Pier 39, and Tahoe (photo set | slideshow)
  • 12/31/2008: Lots of pics from December including Hannukah, Tennesse Valley, a brunch at our place, and even a couple pics of me at The Kezar. (photo set | slideshow)
  • 11/18/2008: Here are some pics of Halloween with Havana and Jaedon, Baker Beach with Brandon and Havana, Tafoni trail with Evan, Election Day, and more. (photo set | slideshow)
  • 10/1/2008: Pictures from our trip to Massachusetts (Mommy and me) and Philadelphia (all of us) (photo set | slideshow)
  • 8/22/2008: I'm 6 Months old. Here are some pictures from around our apartment, Havana's first birthday party, Chrissy field, the Golden Gate Bridge, and my second baseball game: Marlins@Giants. (photo set | slideshow)
  • 8/4/2008: A bunch more pics including Tennessee Valley Hike, picnic, and more! (photo set | slideshow)
  • 7/9/2008: Here are some pics (photo set | slideshow) from Dolores Park and the Fillmore Street Fair
  • 6/15/2008: Wow. I'm almost four months old. (photo set | slideshow)
  • 5/15/2008: Pictures from the Phillies@Giants weekend (photo set | slideshow) My first baseball game! (11 weeks)
  • 4/26/2008: Me at 7 - 9 Weeks including my first time at Grandeho's (photo set | slideshow)
  • 4/5/2008: Me at 6 Weeks (photo set | slideshow)
  • 3/24/08: Pictures from Tahoe and Baker Beach with Dave and Laura (photo set | slideshow)
  • 3/5/2008: Pictures from the Botanical Gardens and Corona Heights Park (photo set | slideshow)
  • 2/29/2008: I'm only 10 days old, but I made it to Golden Gate Park with Monique and Shannon (photo set | slideshow)
  • 2/22/2008: A select group of photos from my first couple days on earth are posted on flickr (photo set | slideshow)

    Floyd's Page - Yosemite Video

    Here's one from Yosemite around the campsite. I get a "once around the tent" in my pack-and-play:

    One Year Video

    I'm Floyd Thomas Greene. On February 19th I turned one whole year old. We had a really cool party with lots of my friends from the city. We got yummy sandwiches from Ike's Place, cupcakes from Sweetie Cups and mommy cut up all kinds of veggies and cheese. There was a slideshow on the TV and great music; oh, and the grown-ups had mimosas too. I got lots of cool presents (like books and clothes) from all my best friends. My friends are the greatest -- I love them so much.

    The best part of the party was when everyone gathered around to watch the awesome video that Mommy made: it's a video of my first year. Daddy uploaded it to youtube, but the youtube bastards disbled the audio, so...

    CLICK HERE to download/play the video directly from

    Almost New Years Videos

    On December 30th, 2008, we took a little mini-vacation in our own backyard. First, we did an early hike on the Tennessee Valley Trail in Marin -- we had the whole cove to ourselves! Then we hit Sausalito for a nice lunch and some "bumping around" time. Finally we spent an hour or so in the aquarium at the Academy of Sciences. Floyd'd nap schedule worked perfectly with the two 30 minute rides (though we did have to take a much longer route back to Golden Gate Park.)

    Slow Food Rocks Video

    My first Dead show (well, kinda) - Slow Food Rocks - 8/31/08

    Urban Living Continues

    We're still in our dinky little apartment in the Casto / Upper Market district of San Francisco, so it's all about downsizing and efficiency. Mommy and Daddy say I'm going to have a baby brother soon, and I keep hearing them talking about moving to some place called Alameda. We'll just have to see about that.

    Anyway, since there's not enough room for a dedicated baby room, Mom and Dad converted the "office" into the "office / baby room." Mom's desk and work moved to the kitchen, while Dad's home office and mini-music studio is staying put.

    Here are some before-and-after shots of this room. The 2003 pics don't really do it justice. By 2006, it looked like a small torando had hit it.

    Office in 2003 - Mom and Dad workspace galore

    Office / Baby Room 2007 - painting in progress

    Office / Baby Room in 2007 - gettin' there - no baby yet tho

    Office / Baby Room in December 2008 - mom and dad building a jail for me

    We painted the walls kinda light blue/green and cleared out all but the East wall (where Dad's computer and music stuff is.) That's my changing table/dresser in the foreground of the last pic.

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